Entrepreneur accidentally donates $13,000 to fund doge-themed race car

Peter Spence
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The founder of payments platform Moolah.io has suffered from something of a fat finger.

Instead of donating 2m Dogecoin to the fundraiser "Doge4Nascar", while hungover Alex Green managed to accidentally enter an extra zero, and ended up giving 20m Dogecoin ($13,200) to the cause.

Writing on Reddit, he blamed his "silly keyboard", but says that he will stand by his mistake. "Anybody care to match me? The first person to match at least 10% will receive a hot pass to Talladega".

Those funds will go towards branding a race car in doge-livery, which will then take part in Nascar. If the funding goal of 67.5m Dogecoin is met then the community hopes they'll be able to sponsor driver Josh Wise, enabling him to compete in the Sprint Cup series.

Dogecoin backers have successfully funded initiatives such as Doge4Water, which will finance the drilling of two wells in Kenya, and Doge4Kids, which will sponsor the training of two litters of service puppies, to be paired with children as they grow up.

It is hoped that such campaigns will raise awareness of the Dogecoin cryptocurrency, which shares many properties with its more well known big brother, Bitcoin.

Here's the log of Green's transaction. After sceptics claimed that the accident was more of a publicity stunt, Green has posted his chat logs from that evening:

Alex @ Moolah: Resetting dogecoind.
Alex @ Moolah: Then donating 2.1M.
Landon Merrill: ya know, this is really starting to cut in to my studying time :p
Landon Merrill: lol
Jenna Miller @ Moolah: (hug) Sorry about that!
Jenna Miller @ Moolah: We appreciate you!

Alex @ Moolah: 30,428,499 of Ð67,500,000 donated!
Alex @ Moolah: Wait.
Jonathon Brust: OH MY GOD
Alex @ Moolah: Oh shit, I did.
Landon Merrill: lol
Alex @ Moolah: I just donated 20M DOGE.