Meet the UK's professional mermaids

Gabriella Griffith
LinkedIn, the internet’s answer to a our hatred of networking events, has passed a notable milestone (ahem, as has the internet, “happy 25th birthday internet”). The business-friendly social network now has 15m members in the UK. That’s a relatively impressive 23 per cent of the UK.
But what is perhaps more impressive, is the fact that there are five mermaids registered on LinkedIn in the UK.
How on earth do they keep their laptops dry? Do they work in offices like the rest of us? Do they occasionally grow legs like Daryl Hannah in Splash?
Here are two of them:

They look pretty normal, well, they always do waist up right? Well, no actually it seems the ones we’ve found are actresses. Such disappointment.
There are also it seems, 146 chimney sweeps, 66 rocket scientists and 744 magicians. Personally, I’d like to see some centaurs and where are all the werewolves?
Back to reality and it looks like the City is pretty well represented on the network. The biggest employers on LinkedIn are RBS, Barclays and Lloyds Banking Group.
But when it comes to which employers the country's students follow most, it seems the tech world pips the City at the post. Our academic underlings most follow Google, Apple and Microsoft. Must be all those beach balls, ping pong tables and beer fridges.
Fear not though, Deloitte comes in fourth just under Microsoft. We've still got it.