Carl Icahn slams eBay CEO

Guy Bentley
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In another open letter to eBay stockholders, activist investor Carl Icahn has blasted the company's CEO for actions that he believes have cost the e-commerce giant $4bn (£2.4bn).

Icahn alleges that John Donahoe cost eBay $4bn when he sold Skype in 2009, in what he called a "premature sale" at a "diminished price."

The investment guru struck out at what he called Donahoe's "inexcusable incompetance."
He reiterated his call for the separation of eBay and payments company PayPal.

Icahn has promised to share with stockholders in-depth analysis of what he considers the "sordid affair" regarding the Skype sale.

He concluded the letter:

The time has come to send the eBay board a message that there will no longer be business as usual at eBay! vote for our precatory proposal and for our director nominees.

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