Information startup DueDil raises $17m

Harriet Green
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Business data platform DueDil has announced today that it’s raised a further $17m (£10.2m), taking the London-based startup's total investment to $22m in the past 10 months.

Big data DueDil gives individuals and businesses free-to-access, up-to-date information on companies and directors.

Led by Oak Investment Partners, DueDil’s latest funding round was also supported by London investors Notion Capital and Passion Capital.

The new capital will be used to up DueDil’s acquisition activity, along with improving network tools and widening the business’ coverage.

Chief executive Damian Kimmelman stressed DueDil’s desire to bring real-time decision intelligence to businesses, saying its next phase “is about embedding world-class discovery tools, platforms and networks into daily working life.”

Ifty Ahmed of Oak Investment Partners said DueDil’s focus on small and medium-sized businesses makes it particularly exciting.