Wow, such commerce, very marketplace: Online dogecoin bazaar opens

Peter Spence
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Finally, a place to spend all your hard earnt dogecoin.

New online marketplace Suchlist offers users somewhere to buy and sell goods, services, even classes, in exchange for the meme-based currency.

Those who've been digging (the dogecoin terminology for acquiring the currency) will find that while items are currently a little limited, there are certainly plenty of categories open for expansion.

Founder and software developer Daniel Liljeberg has said that he hopes the site "can be a natural place for doge users".

We've covered the rapid ascent of the cryptocurrency, since its creation last December. Now trading at $0.0014 to a dogecoin, now puts the market capitalisation (the sum of all dogecoin value) at $71.4m (£42.7m).

If you venture onto the online marketplace now you'll find the most populated category is "Computers - Software", where you can pick up access to various video games for as little as Ɖ1500.

Richer dogecoin investors can snap up 86 games, listed as being worth $1,278, at just Ɖ270,000.

Transactions currently incur no fees, but Liljeberg has mentioned the possibility of introducing a minimal fee, "we are talking a few hundred doge (so a few cents)" in order to cove the site's running costs.

As the fifth most valuable currency by that market capitalisation metric, dogecoin is certainly no joke. A recent Guardian advert featuring the doge meme prompted greater interest in the new means of exchange.

A recently created tipping service, allowing users of Reddit and Twitter to tip each other in dogecoin, is helping to cement dogecoin as the currency of the internet.

Dogecoin is clearly headed to the moon.

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