This mystery Guardian advert is the best thing to happen to dogecoin

An unexplained advert in today's Guardian financial pages has got Twitter into a stir.

The newspaper has given a quarter page to the doge meme, a joke that has gained huge popularity in recent months since its inception in 2010.

Featuring a shiba inu and some nonsensical phrases "pls red," "much 4mal", "so print", and "wow", the meme plays on depicting the thoughts of a cute doge.

There's no clue as to what the advert is for or who has paid for it. It may have just been used as a filler ad - for where a slot hasn't been filled.

And the Guardian's unofficial doge correspondent - Alex Hern - is giving no clues as to its origin.

We hope this is a teaser ad - to which the text "such mistery" alludes. Could the left leaning newspaper now be embarking on a campaign to back a new payment system?

Update: The Guardian has told Buzzfeed that the advert is a prize awarded to data company DueDil, who won a Small Business Networks competition.

Update 2: DueDil have posted this blog, explaining why they chose to advertise doge using their prize.

We’ll be honest. We were having a hard time deciding which advert to run with our free advertising space the Guardian so kindly offered us for winning their Small Business Networks competition. We tried a traditional advert, which was nice, but then we remembered we’re not a traditional kind of company.


And of course we just wanted to print doge in the guardian, y’know, for the lulz.

The Guardian's inclusion of the advert offers much needed credibility to a relatively new cryptocurrency - Dogecoin.

Following its creation last December, the ascent of dogecoin has been remarkable - it's now the world's fifth largest virtual currency by market capitalisation according to coinmarketcap.

The sum of all dogecoins is now worth approximately $48.9m, with dogecoin trading at $0.0011.

While the currency is currently trading lower, such prominent placement in a well known national is sure to buoy investor spirits.