Google days away from clinching EU antitrust probe settlement

The three-year EU antitrust probe into Google is nearing an end, according to Reuters sources.

The internet giant and EU regulators are close to settling the investigation, which was looking into the company’s suspected anti-competitive behaviour.

Google has, say the sources, offered to improve concessions to reduce competition fears. Google’s last offer, made in December, was rejected by EU competition commissioner Joaquin Almunia as “unacceptable”.

A senior EU official said a deal is expected in the next few days or a couple of weeks at the latest, reports Reuters.

The new offer includes pledges from Google on how it’ll deal with rivals and treat content from other providers.

Rivals will be able to show web links and logos in a conspicuous box, and make decisions about what content to use. Google will also make it less difficult for advertisers to move campaigns to rival platforms.

In drawing up an acceptable offer, Google escapes EU sanctions and fines.

Last January, the US' Federal Trade Commission decided not to bring an antitrust case against Google, after allegations that the company was abusing its dominant market position.