5 big things we've learned from tech leaders at Davos

From “The New Digital Context” discussion at Davos yesterday

1. The Internet of Things will be worth $19 trillion
Cisco chief executive John Chambers said that he expects the market of internet connected devices – excluding PCs, tablets and laptops – to be worth an incredible $19 trillion by 2024.

2. PCs are being left behind by mobile
Yahoo chief executive Marissa Mayer said that the internet firm will have more mobile users than traditional PC users by the end of 2014.

3. Privacy is impossible
BT chief executive Gavin Patterson said that consumers could never be guaranteed 100 per cent privacy online as current laws on data collection as just too murky.

4. European mobile internet speeds will double this year
AT&T chief executive Randall Stephenson said that he expects to see a doubling of 4G mobile data speeds during the next 12 to 18 months.

5. Content is king
Stephenson praised BT’s push into sporting broadcast rights, saying that it had been the right move for the former state monopoly in its battle with rival telecoms giant Sky.

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