Is Ed Miliband the only politician who doesn't like beer?

Political bloggatron Harry Cole posted this video of Ed Miliband drinking ale while visiting a British brewery with the words "Ed Miliband hates British beer."

We haven't spoken to the Labour leader to confirm whether this is the case, apparently he has more important things to talk about, but you can see from his expression why Cole might jump to that conclusion.

So what about Miliband's political compadres? Is he the only one who follows up his sip with a grimace? Photo evidence suggests that he is very much alone.

Dave can't get enough.

Obama only goes to Dublin for one thing.

You can never tell with Putin's poker face but he seems to be enjoying it.

Angela "two hands" Merkel wins the award for biggest beer tankard.

And Farage...well, there's no denying the joy in those twinkling eyes.