Holidays to the UK grew by a whopping 12pc in 3 months

It turns out that more and more people are choosing the UK for a holiday.

Numbers from the Office for National Statistics show that visits were up over 12 per cent in the third quarter of 2013 - that's 9.9m overseas visitors who have picked Britain as a travel destination.

When compared to a year earlier, holiday visits were up seven per cent between September and November last year.

London saw more action, too, with 19.5 per cent more overnight visits.

Estimated earnings from those holidaying here grew 11.4 per cent to £6.5bn from 2012's third quarter to 2013's.

Inevitably, though, the number of Brits who jetted off was a lot higher - 20.6m, to be exact. This also means more of us took a holiday, because that's 6.9 per cent up from a year earlier, with notably more heading to North America and Europe.

And when it came to how much we spend going abroad, it hit an impressive £12.7bn between September and November. In 2012, that figure was £11.8bn.