Apple falls out of favour with UK consumers

Apple has fallen out of favour with UK consumers, losing its coveted spot as one of the UK’s top 10 brands.

Last year Apple’s iPad held the No 6 slot on YouGov’s BrandIndex report, but this year the technology giant is nowhere to be found.

UK Top Brands

1. BBC iPlayer (no change)
2. John Lewis (no change)
2. Samsung (#9 in 2012)
4. Aldi (new entry)
5. Dyson (new entry)
6. Marks and Spencer (#4 in 2012)
7. (#8 in 2012)
8. Waitrose (new entry)
9. Sainsbury’s (#7 in 2012)

Samsung has risen the most places as it appears in second, up from ninth the previous year. Rival, Apple iPad drops out of the top ten completely,” said YouGov on the results.

“The highest new entry on the chart was Aldi, making it the highest ranking supermarket, reflecting the change in perception it has achieved.”

Worldwide Apple faired a little better – taking the No 4 position along with car maker Volkswagon – but still falls behind rival Samsung which rates in the top 25 brands in 13 of the 15 countries surveyed for the report.

Global super brands

1. Samsung
2. Google
3. YouTube
4. Apple, Volkswagen
5. Audi, BMW, Sony

“Technology and internet brands transcend national boundaries and provide products and services that impact people’s daily lives,” said YouGov BrandIndex chief executive Ted Marzilli.

“Whether it is technologies made by Samsung, Apple and Sony, or the wealth of information and videos made instantly available by Google and YouTube, these companies shape modern life and connect people from around the world, making them some of the most powerful global super brands.”