This analyst says the Federal Reserve needs to learn a crucial hockey skill

The Federal Reserve's job is complex.

It has to simultaneously avoid high unemployment while keeping inflation steady, and that can sometimes lead it to cause "new, potentially bigger problems down the road" says Deutsche Bank strategist Oleg Melentyev.

That's meant that policy makers have created new and complex monetary tools. Current monetary policy is "creating financial vulnerabilities" says Melentyev, and now economies may pay the price as central bankers move away from their dovish positions.

Loose policy that was designed to reduced unemployment may now see its results undone as it "could, if left unattended, make a full circle" and undermine the Fed's attempts to comply with its own mandate.

Melentyev recommends that the Fed listens to the advice of hockey hero Wayne Gretzky's father, and that it should “skate where the puck's going, not where it's been."