This former Swiss banker has chosen a surprising new career

A former employee says she faced a "lot of suspicion and ridicule" when she let go of her career at Swiss bank Pictet.

Silvia Bignoni went on to become founder of Pole Glam Studio in 2010, and despite great success in her sport she still gets weird comments and twisted proposals.

She told French language newspaper Le Nouvelliste about a man who recently asked her to organise a naked performance on a subway.

Now Bignoni expects the first Swiss Championship she's organising this Saturday in Geneva to change much of the discipline's image problem. She says there won't be anything "sexual or suggestive" about the competition.

The event has been organised in collaboration with the city of Geneva's official administration, and the show's 560 tickets have been sold out for weeks.

Those who wish to acquaint themselves with the rules can find them here.