UK becomes world number two for 4G sign-up rate

Mobile operator EE announced on Tuesday it had reached 2m 4G customers. The announcement comes only 14 months after the company launched the UK's first superfast broadband service.

EE has witnessed a dramatic growth in customers clamouring to sign up to the 4G service. The first million customers signed up in 10 months and the second in the next four months. The company confirmed that outside of South Korea the UK has the fastest 4G sign-up rate in the world.

EE attributed a large part of the rapid growth to businesses, with 75 per cent of of new SMEs choosing 4G. 4G currently reaches 160 towns and cities across the UK and EE expects to exceed 70 per cent 4G population coverage by the end of January.

Chief executive of EE Olaf Swantee said:

We’re incredibly proud of being the first UK operator to bring 4G to the UK and, in just over a year, exceeding our target by reaching 2m 4G customers across the country. We continue to have particular success converting our existing base to 4G, with approximately two out of three new 4G customers moving over from Orange and T-Mobile plans.