EU rejects Google's antitrust offer

Google's second offer to settle the antitrust probe into its search business has not sufficiently salved EU regulators' concerns, and has been rejected by Brussels.

Joaquin Almunia, the European Commission's head of competition, has said that the latest proposals from Google to remedy the skewing of results to its own advantage were "not acceptable".

The world's largest search engine put forward the concessions in an attempt to end a three-year old probe by the European Commission, and avoid a fine that could be as high as $5bn.

Speaking on Spanish radio today, Almunia said that the offer doesn't:

Eliminate [our] concerns regarding competition and in particular regarding the way Google's rivals in vertical search – search for products and price comparison, restaurants, etc. – are being treated.

He added:

At this moment there is little time left, but the ball is still in Google's court. But within a short time frame, the ball will then be here and then it will be the moment to take decisions.