Exclusive: It's a miracle - Netflix releases Christmas Eve viewing figures

It’s a minor Christmas miracle: Netflix has released some viewing figures. Sort of.

The online TV service, notoriously quiet about its subscriber base or their viewing habits, issued a press release this morning about Britain’s festive telly plans.

The release, from an external PR agency, contains statistical insights including “a quarter of us (23%) Brits... think services like Netflix make it easier for everyone in the household to find something for all the family to watch during Christmas”.

City A.M. emailed the agency to ask whether this meant more detailed viewing stats were available. Imagine our surprise when, just a few hours later, some figures came back.

So we can exclusively reveal that on Christmas Eve 2012, UK Netflix users did the following:

Children & Family viewing – rise of 27 per cent
Classics – rise of 27 per cent
Music and Musicals – rise of 33 per cent

Reality TV – down by 53 per cent
Gay & Lesbian – down by 92 per cent
Horror – down by 30 per cent

These figures compare to the percentage of total viewing hours on an average day. There is no information on how much each user watches, and whether the total viewing time rises on Christmas Eve.

We’ve written to Santa to try and get some genuine subscriber data.