Are you a Three customer? You can now use your data and minutes in the US and these three other countries

If you're a Three mobile customer you're already able to use your data and minutes in seven destinations with no extra charge - the Republic of Ireland, Hong Kong, Australia, Italy, Sweden, and Denmark.

Now you'll be able to use them in four new areas - the USA, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Macau.

That brings the total to 11, and Three chief executive Dave Dyson says they "plan to add more countries to the mix soon" - he says that France and Spain are at the top of their list.

They'll be partnering with AT&T and T-Mobile in the US.

This is probably the shape of things to come at other mobile operators - customers aren't willing to accept that they can't keep in contact with loved ones or stay up to date online, when the internet has broken down so many of these barriers already.

To date Three customers roaming in the first seven destinations have increased their roaming minutes use by some 40 per cent, while roaming data use has soared by over 1,000 per cent.