E.ON warns that rising wholesale prices lie out of its and the government's control

Energy company E.ON has said this morning that it won't be raising its prices over the next 18 months, provided wholesale prices and network costs don't go up. It stressed, however, that prices and costs "may rise", and pointed out that neither it nor the government can control them.
In a statement today, the supplier said (emphasis our own):
While the company will have to take action on bills in the near future due to other rising costs, any rise will take all of these changes into account as they alleviate some of the cost pressures E.ON was facing.
Tony Cocker, chief executive of E.ON UK said:

Whilst there can be no guarantees, the likelihood of further price rises over the next 18 months caused by increases in the cost of delivering social and environmental obligations has receded today due to action taken by this Government.

The statement continued:
The changes announced (if enacted) mean that the prospect of further price rises in the next 18 months due to the Government's environmental and social obligation programmes has receded. It is still the case however, that wholesale prices and network costs, which neither we nor the Government control, may rise.

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