How today's price cuts stack up with winter energy rises

A bevy of figures has been announced this morning as the energy firms respond to the government's pledge to cut green levies, in a bid to ease the impact of energy bill hikes.

The move comes as part of a package of measures announced over the weekend. It also follows the coalition denial that it had approached energy firms asking them to freeze bills until the 2015 election.

British Gas

  • Announced a 9.2 per cent price rise in household energy which took effect on 23 November - 8.4 per cent on gas and 10.4 per cent on electricity.
  • Today: said it's cutting the average dual fuel bill by £53 - £41 off the average annual duel fuel bill, plus a £12 customer rebate for the government's Warm Home Discount scheme. Will take effect from 1 January.


  • Announced an 8.2 per cent price rise which took effect on 15 November.
  • Today: said it's cutting the typical duel fuel bill by around £50. Will take effect from April.


  • Announced that it will not be raising prices in 2013.
  • Today: said it won't be raising prices over the next 18 months unless wholesale costs go up.

EDF and Npower are still number-crunching:


  • Announced a a 3.9 per cent price rise from 1 January 2013.
  • Yesterday: said that it'll freeze prices before 2015.


  • Announced a 10.4 per cent price rise from 1 December.
  • Today: said that it would not raise prices by any more unless wholesale costs go up.

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