ECB's Asmussen compares women in finance to unruly children

European Central Bank (ECB) board member Jorg Asmussen has let attendees of a panel discussion on women in finance into insights of his own.

Discussing whether women are more risk averse than their male peers, Asmussen said that as a father of two girls, six and five, he has seen "that female do behave hazardously on playgrounds".

As an economist however, Asmussen doesn't doubt the empirical results - that experiments and field studies seem to show that when engaging in gambling and betting that women are on average more risk averse than men.

Asmussen says that the overall share of women in ECB management positions is at 17 per cent, while just 14 per cent of the ECB's senior management positions are held by women.

The ECB has in place targets for 35 per cent of its positions in middle and senior management to be held in women by the end of 2019 - within six-and-a-half years.