If you'd taken out a £100 payday loan last month to invest in Bitcoin you'd be up over £330

How fast is Bitcoin rising? The hugely volatile market in the digital currency has seen its price rise more than 7500 per cent this year, hitting $1000 today.

To really get a grip on how fast that is, compare it with other fast-rising things – how about a payday loan?

If you borrowed £100 from Wonga on 29 Oct and paid it back today, you would give the lender £136.10. Over the same period Bitcoin has risen 373.3 per cent, from $211.27 to $1000.

So a Wonga customer putting their borrowed £100 in Bitcoin could turn that into £473.33. Repaying the lender would leave you a profit of £337.23 - kerching!

But don't treat this as investment advice - back in April Bitcoin plunged from $215 to $85 in just four days, so any payday borrowers giving speculation a shot would have been badly burned.

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