Northern Ireland has highest government spend per head in UK

Government spending in the UK was about the same in 2012/13 as it was in 2011/12. Out of just under £560bn spent in 2012-13, England accounted for £456bn, Scotland £54bn, Wales £30bn and Northern Ireland £20bn.

When it comes to spend per head, Northern Ireland topped the chart at £10,876 - 124 per cent of the UK average. The UK average spend was £8,788. Northern Ireland was followed by Scotland at £10,152 and Wales at £9,709. England has the lowest spend at £8,529.

Region-wise, London continued to have the highest total identifiable spend per head at £9,435. This, said the Treasury, which published the figures, is partly explained by the fact that it's more expensive to provide services in London because of higher staff and infrastructure costs. TFL accounts for a portion of the capital's historically-high capital expenditure, and also benefits commuters outside of the city - the lowest spend per head was in the South East at £7,638.

(HM Treasury)

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