There's something else coming along in 2015 that could make the Night Tube redundant

Peter Spence
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London's new Night Tube is certainly an exciting prospect for many (maybe less so if you're renting) - but the overdue amendment to the underground's schedule may be outdated pretty soon after it's launched.

While the new service will be launched in 2015 - and initially only on a few lines - a disruptive technology is likely to already have emerged on our roads.

100 driverless cars will be trialled in Milton Keynes in 2015, and could revolutionise how we move about, especially in crowded cities like our capital. The self-driving pods will be part of a five year project by the Automotive Council UK.

Don't get too excited too quickly - the trialled vehicles will operate at maximum speeds of 12mph. But there's room to be hopeful for the future. Self-driving vehicles could be very safe - as there is no possibility of human error. Google's pioneering vehicles have seen no accidents while clocking over 400,000 miles.

There's also room for a whole host of other benefits. No more sharing a crowded carriage with your fellow commuters, and no more snaking around London to reach a number of stops you don't need. Choose your destination, relax and set off. You're also guaranteed a seat.

Overcrowding problems could also be reduced by the vehicles - driverless cars can "platoon" together, driving much more closely and taking up less road than is possible with human drivers.

Don't worry about owning your own. Mobile phone applications like Hailo have made it easy to book human drivers (a journey with Hailo starts every seven seconds in London), driverless taxis seem to be the next logical step.

Hopefully by the time Boris Johnson's mayorship ends in 2016 - he'll also be welcoming driverless cars to London. They could revolutionise London in a way that schedule improvements can't.

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