Media studies graduates highest employed after those with medicine degrees

Graduates with an undergraduate degree in media and information studies have the second highest employment rate but the lowest average wage, says the Office for National Statistics (ONS). But, their average gross annual wage was £25,000 below that of a medicine or dentistry graduate, who have the highest employment rate.


The report, Graduates in the UK Labour Market 2013, says there were 12m graduates in the UK in 2013, marking a steady rise in numbers over the past decade. Graduates leaving university this summer were more likely to be employed than non-graduates, and their annual earnings reach a higher peak, but at a later age, than non-graduate counterparts.

Over 40 per cent of those graduates work in the public administration, education and health industry. At the time of the study (between April and June 2013), nearly half (47 per cent) of recent graduates were working in a non-graduate role, while a third were working in a low skilled role. In 2001, graduates in a non-graduate role stood at 37 per cent.

The study also found the graduates from the top UK universities earned more than graduates from other UK institutions.


And male graduates were more likely to have a high skilled job than female graduates. Focusing on all employed graduates in 2013, men earned on average £3 more an hour than women.


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