Mighty Wings fail to save McDonald's from poor performance in October

McDonald's, the world's largest fast-food company, recorded a weaker than expected sales increase of 0.2 per cent in the US in October. New products such as the Mighty Wings and the Pumpkin Spiced Latte were largely responsible for the tepid growth seen in the US, but failed to produce impressive results.

Sales in Europe rose by 0.8 per cent outperforming Asia, which saw a particularly poor performance in Japan. McDonald's total sales rose 0.5 per cent for the month. Chief executive of McDonald's, Don Thompson, attributed the disappointing results "ongoing competitive activity."

The company has struggled in the wake of a slow global recovery and consumers reducing their restaurant spending. McDonald's has refocused in the US by rolling out a Dollar Menu & More line up, which includes its original dollar items as well items for sale at $2 and $5. The chain pulled the $4 Angus burgers after poor sales.

McDonald's posting growth in the UK, France and Russia but performed poorly in Germany.