Ryanair boss rejects grand transformation of customer service

In an interview with Reuters Ryanair boss, Michael O'Leary, has said there will be no "grand transformation" of the low-cost airline, barring already announced cuts in fees and updates to the website.

O'Leary insisted that he had not radically changed his outlook as to how the company should be operated in terms of customer service.

Speaking to Reuters, Michael O'Leary said:

I don't understand why ... there is this kind of impression we have had some Pauline conversion here to customer service.

We have always had brilliant customer service.

Ryanair launched a new customer services strategy over a month ago to improve the company's image. Last week the airline announced it was slashing charges and allowing passengers extra hand luggage. Ryanair's infamously expensive baggage fee will be slashed from £51.11 to £25.55 and the fee charged for reprinting boarding passes for passengers who checked in online will be cut from £59.63 to £12.78.

So far the strategy appears to be paying off, with Ryanair's UK Buzz score (which measures what consumers are hearing about the brand) up five points. However Ryanair still has a score of minus 28.7 with the public hearing more bad than good about the company.