Pictures: Is this the world's most expensive desk?

One Mayfair office has received a £500,000 facelift - complete with a very custom £40,000 desk.

Patalab Architecture, the firm behind the refurb, call the piece the "Porsche of office furniture". The 5.5 metre sclupted desk is fabricated in cast aluminium with a sprayed bronze, patinated finish.

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It's now in use in the entrance lobby of 55 Grosvenor Street, Mayfair. The office is home to Iona Investments, David Wylde Project Finance, Zamin Advisors, Method Investments & Advisory and others.

Above left: Design drawing showing position of desk in front of bay window of the entrance lobby.
Above right: The design of the double curvature desk was wax modelled in miniature to achieve a final shape.

Above left: Dimensions were transferred to a digital representation on a 3-D computer model.
Above right: A computer driven routing tool shaped this full sized hard foam pattern for aluminium casting.

Above left: Nine separate aluminium sections were cast and then welded together to form the 5.5 metre long desk.
Above right: The aluminium was spray coated with molten bronze prior to final patination and waxing.