Apple launches a barrage of new hardware products while offering a host of free software updates

Tech giant Apple is launching a stream of new products and boasts that its users are taking to its recent releases.

64 per cent of customers are now using the latest operating system for mobile devices - iOS7 - and a new update to its desktop software OS X - OS X Mavericks - will be available free from today.

iLife software for OS X and iOS has also been given an update, and will be available for free (to new customers) today. Same goes for Apple's iWork.

Looks like Apple is out of the software retailing business with all these free updates. That's what you can offer when hardware margins allow you to subsidise your software offerings.

Apple has announced that it has sold a staggering 170m iPads to date.

Details of Apple's revamped Mac Pro and MacBook Pro lines have also been unveiled. The cylindrical Mac Pro will cost just $2,999 (£1,850) and be available from December - that's much cheaper than expected.

The Mac Pro boasts a 3.7GHz quad-core Xeon, 12GB RAM, dual FirePro D300s and a 256GB SSD. No optical drives, so say goodbye to those entirely from Apple hardware.

The new MacBook Pros are all thinner, lighter and faster. The 13" laptop will set you back $1,299 ($200 cheaper) and the 15" $1,999 (also $200 lower) and can be ordered from today.