Nokia unveils hosts of new tablets and phablets on Windows tech

Nokia has unveiled the world's first Windows tablet and host of phablet products at an event in Abu Dhabi. The Lumia 2520 is the only Windows RT tablet made by a manufacturer other than Microsoft.

In September US computing giant Microsoft agreed a €5.33bn (£4.52bn) deal to purchase Nokia's mobile devices arm.

The operating system uses an ARM-based chip allowing it to offer improved battery life compared to the Windows 8 system. The new tablet has a 10.1-inch HD display intended to provide the best readability of any tablet. The Lumia 2520 combines both 4G LTE and Wi-Fi connectivity, a 6.7MP camera, and ZEISS optics.

The Lumia 2520 runs on Windows RT 8.1 and also features multiple color choices and fast-charging capability which can provide up to 80 per cent charge in one hour. The Lumia can also support an optional 4G sim card.

Two phablets (that's a phone-tablet) were also displayed, the Lumia 1520 and Lumia 1320. The phablets have a 6in display which allows an extra row of apps to be displayed on the home screens.

Stephen Elop, executive vice president, Devices & Services at Nokia:

Now more than ever, mobile devices are at the center of consumers' lives as they look to capture, curate and share experiences on the go.

Today we're inviting people around the world to switch to Nokia. With our latest range of Lumia and Asha products, we're delivering industry leading design and imaging innovation to bigger devices at more accessible prices. The quality and value that Nokia products deliver continues to grow as we partner with developers to introduce app experiences that are unique to Lumia and Windows Phone. And clearly, with Lumia and Asha smartphones enjoying quarter-on-quarter volume growth in Q3 2013, that quality and value is resonating with consumers around the world.