More customers and services for utility provider Telecom Plus

(Yahoo Finance)

Multi-utility provider Telecom Plus saw significant growth in customer and services numbers. (Release)

Up 13,372 from the first quarter of 2013, customer numbers for the gas, electricity, broadband and landline provider stood at 494,940 at the end of the second quarter (to 30 September). Services being provided by the company stood at 1,767,774, up 64,267 from the first quarter.

The company, which uses independent distributors to gather custom, has record numbers of new distributors join the business over the period - 8,755 over the past six months. Chief executive Andrew Lindsey commented that, "this has been accompanied by a further improvement in the quality of our customer base."

Telecom Plus held onto its place as Which? magazine's 'recommended provider'; the company prides itself on delivering value for money and customer service, which has resulted in it seeing a record high number of Gold Status members.

The group's support for Ofgem's recent Retail Market Review - a reform which is intended to unmuddy the waters of the energy market, making things clearer for customers and promoting compeition - was echoed by Lindsey:

We believe the implementation of Ofgem's Retail Market Review over the coming months will create an exciting opportunity for us to build on the strong momentum we have created in the business, and look forward to announcing our half yearly results in November.