Domino's delivers stronger sales growth as mobile purchases increase

Takeaway pizza company Domino's has seen like-for-like sales jump by four percent in its 669 mature stores in the 13 weeks to 29 September (release).

That's an increase on the 3.9 per cent like-for-like sales growth it saw in the same period last year. That's despite what the company called "an extended period of unusually warm weather" this year.

Digital sales make up an ever great proportion of total sales, up to 62.4 per cent from 58.4 per cent this time last year. Total online sales grew by 19.8 per cent to £72.3m.

Of those digital efforts - mobile sales make up an increasing share. They're now up to 29.3 per cent of total online sales, having leapt by 102.5 per cent in the 13 week period.

Lance Batchelor, chief executive of Domino's, said that the the introduction of a new store design had resulted in store opening opening delays, but that "the programme is now well underway". Batchelor said that Domino's are "confident of meeting City epxectations for the full year.