Chinese giant puffer fish tower causes angst

In China, a 90-metre long sculpture-come-viewing tower that is shaped like a giant puffer fish has come under fire online.

Encrusted in almost 9,000 copper scales, the 70m yuan (£7.1m) brass arrangement has prompted wrangling over government decadence.

The fish is on an island in Yangzhong county, eastern Jiangsu province, and stands 15 storeys above ground.

Despite apparent local resident approval, others have expressed their disgust, turning to the popular Sina Weibo - a Chinese version of Twitter: "To spend so much money on something so meaningless, I really admire these 'wealthy' people," said Mother988.

Despite Jiangsu being the most indebted local government bodies in the country, Yangzhong, the People's Daily reports, intends to promote the tower as the world's largest metal construction in terms of volume.

Other Chinese provincial strucutral initiatives have raised eyebrows. For example, the (eventually shelved) sculpture of Song Qingling, second wife of Republic of China pioneer Sun Yat Sen.