YouTube hacked? Video streaming service suffers from outages for over 20 minutes

Video streaming website YouTube suffered outages this evening, with many users of the service under the impression that the site was subjected to a malicious attack.

At 9.22pm the error message below was visible for users trying to access the website. We don't know precisely when the problems began - but the earliest Tweet on the subject was published at 9.13pm.

That message - referring to a team of "highly trained monkeys" - is YouTube's standard error when the site is suffering, so doesn't appear to suggest any wrongdoing. The outage lasted for around 20 minutes before the service resumed.

An internal server error such as the one shown can be indicative of a DDoS attack - although the amount of computing power needed to bring the site down for even a moment, let alone such a long period would be monstrous. Google may have in the region of 1.8-2.4m servers.

At 9.40pm normal service had resumed, and we grabbed this screenshot:

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