Americans doubt economic recovery

In a new Bloomberg poll 44 per cent of Americans said that they expect the the economy to remain the same, while 28 per cent expect the economy to decline. America's lacklustre growth average of two per cent since the end of the recession in 2009 compares poorly to the 50-year average of three per cent.

Political fights over the healthcare, immigration and the federal budget are partially responsible for the 68 per cent of American's responding that the country is on the wrong track.

This amount of dissatisfaction with Washington has not been seen since September 2011 when Standard and Poor's downgraded America's credit rating.

Only 36 per cent see significant job growth in the near future and only 42 per cent believe the housing market will improve as compared to over 50 per cent three months previously.

40 per cent of respondents say they see no change in their financial security. However 56 per cent say they moving towards achieving their career goals.

But further problems may be in store for the long term with 42 per cent say they are unable to save for retirement whilst 40 per cent say they need to allocate more of their budget to healthcare and education but are currently unable to do so.