Amazon unveils new Kindle Fire HDX tablets

Amazon has unveiled two new Kindles. The Kindle Fire HDX includes a new feature which allows users to open an video chat with a tech-support to instruct the user how to operate the new device.

Chief executive Jeff Bezos, speaking to reporters at Amazon headquarters in Seattle said of the new feature named the 'May Day Button'

This is the kind of feature that we are well-suited to do.

HDHDX 7"HDX 8.9"iPad
Battery10 hours11 hours12 hours10 hours
CameraNoneFrontFront and BackFront and Back
Storage8, 16GB16, 32, 64GB16, 32, 64GB16, 32, 64, 128GB

The service is to be available at all hours and is aiming for a 15 second time response. Amazon intends to sell the new kindle at cheap prices intending to make the majority of profit form the sale of other digital products from its website. Bezos was optimistic about the the strategy

Many of the things we've done marry together high-tech with heavy lifting. This is one of those things.

The product to be ready for Christmas morning. The smaller Kindle has a 7-inch whilst the larger one is 8.9-inches. The new devices are lighter and more powerful than the previous Kindle HD line but have the same storage sizes of 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. With higher pixel resolution than the iPad's Retina display is seeking to challenge the dominance of Apple in this field.

Prices for the smaller Kindle HDX start at $229 (£143) with the larger Kindle HDX 9.9" starting at $379 (£237).