CWU announce Royal Mail strike ballot for next Friday

Workers' union CWU has announced plans for a strike ballot to be held next Friday.

City A.M. business writer Liam Ward-Proud says on the impact of a strike:

Stevenson [Tom Stevenson, an investment writer for fund manager Fidelity Capital] says that there are risks around the workforce, with strikes planned in reaction to the privatisation, “but these factors will likely be priced in to the float, which we expect to be an attractive level.”

Retail investors can apply to buy shares directly from Royal Mail, or through brokers such as Hargreaves Lansdown and The Share Centre. Stevenson recommends that anyone with room left in an Isa allowance should add the shares to this or any other tax wrapper they have.

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In August, 500 reps for the Communication Workers Union unanimously favoured holding a national strike ballot in response to the privatisation of Royal Mail, in a bid to safeguard jobs and services.