Miner Fresnillo could be back with a boom: Explosives permits expected to be reinstated

Miner Fresnillo has announced that court proceedings to reinstate Minera Penmont's explosive permits are expected to reach a decision quickly (release).

In August Fresnillo announced that the Magistrate in Sonora issued requests to suspend explosives permits at a number of sites.

The Ministry of Defense suspended those permits at Dipolos, Soledad, Herradura and Noche Buena.

Fresnillo plc believes that given the fact that the report submitted by the court appointed expert establishes the boundaries of land, there is no further dispute over the same and therefore expects that the suspension be lifted by the beginning of October although no assurances can be made.

Separately, Fresnillo plc has complied with the original court order and vacated the land at the Dipolos open pit and has dismantled and removed the plant, and is working on relocating it to Herradura.