Merkel seeks to soothe German voters as elections loom

German chancellor Angela Merkel is in full PR mode as federal elections approach. They're scheduled for 22 September.

Merkel stressed that the last four years were "good ones" for Germany, and that debt reduction had been a "sensational success". She declared that her goal is to further reduce joblessness.

Seeking to allay fears that Germany will have to bankroll struggling Eurozone neighbours, Merkel said that Germany won't give "a cent to the Greeks if they don't implement reforms" and that pooling Eurozone debt "won't happen without us".

The chancellor said that she's defending the euro because it's good for Germany. That's probably true, as the strength of Germany's neighbours keep the value of the currency low. A boon to Germany's exporters, but punishing weaker nations in the currency bloc.

Merkel said that at the G-20 meeting she would press for new regulation to curb corporate tax avoidance.