UN special envoy to Syria confirms use of "some kind of substance" in attacks

Lakhdar Brahimi, the United Nations special envoy to Syria, has confirmed that "some kind of substance” was used in an attack on 21 August resulting in the deaths of hundreds of people.

Brahimi told reporters "it does seem like some kind of substance was used" in the alleged poison gas attack near Damascus last week.

Concerns regarding a US-led military strike on presdient Bashar al-Assad's regime has sent stock markets into turmoil and oil and gold prices surging.

UK prime minister David Cameron yesterday branded the alleged chemical attacks "morally indefensible" and said he was ready to act ahead of a 15-nation Security Council meeting today and a debate with MPs tomorrow on how the country should respond.

Brahimi added that international law meant Security Council clearance would be needed before a military strike on Syria. He said that US president Barack Obama's administration is "not known to be trigger-happy".

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