Italian opposition leader says president should step down and early elections called

The leader of Italy's Five-Star opposition movement Beppe Grillo has called for Italian president Giorgio Napolitano to resign as soon as possible, and said early elections should be held.

Writing on his blog, Grillo said that the current government has caused "the failure of this country".

There is the possibility of new elections, to turn the page after twenty years of darkness and decay of the country. They know it and, suddenly after almost eight years of hibernation, are in a hurry to change it. They know that the risk of the Five Star Movement winning the election and entering government is very high.

Grillo said he wants the electoral law changed so that the president can be impeached as in the United States.

Last month, Grillo said Italy was heading towards an “economic catastrophe”, saying early elections should be called if Enrico Letta’s government could not sort out the country quickly.