Berlusconi gives 10 day ultimatum to Italian prime minister

Italian prime minister Enrico Letta thinks that 2014 will be a "historical year" for Europe as it the economic community could begin to recovery. Now a political rival threatens to topple his government.

Newspaper Corriere reports that former prime minister Berlusconi has given Letta a 10 day ultimatum to find a solution to allow Berlusconi to remain in politics. A very rough translation below:

Alfano, together with Brunetta, talk to Enrico Letta to present objections and requests of the PDL, and will have 3-4 days to explore with him the possible ways 'output. By the end of the month the response of the Democratic Party, and Napolitano, will arrive, clear and clean, maybe. If it is closed, Berlusconi did not wait for September 9, when the council will meet to decide on his resignation.


Speaking in Vienna, Letta's very optimistic reading of Italy's economic position aside, he also claimed that a European Union banking union could have saved members billions of euros.