Spanish prime minister may reshuffle government soon

Spanish prime minister Mariano Rajoy may reshuffle his government in the coming months, El Confidencial has reported.

The news site cites government sources close to the prime minister saying that Rajoy may use a reshuffle to regain the political initiative after being hit by the "slush fund" scandal. It is alleged that Rajoy and other senior members of the Partido Popular received illegal cash payments from the party's former treasurer Luis Barcenas. These payments were purportedly registered in 'parallel' accounting books, which were later leaked to the Spanish press.

Ministers that could face the axe include minister of education Jose Ignacio Wert, minister of justice Alberto Ruiz Gallardon and finance minister Cristobal Montoro.

Montoro in particular has faced criticism for his policy of opposing increases in taxes. One of the leading candidates for his replacement is current foreign minister Garcia Margallo.