A Yuletide special: where the Nativity meets mobile tech

JOSEPH is running the new Napster music service on the new iPhone (also works on the Android). It helps him soothe Mary whose tweets (Virgin Mary) show her to be increasingly exasperated.

She’s also using the iHeal pain relief gadget sent by Homedics. But a bed would be better.

Readers of Joseph’s tweets will see that he’s using Telmap, which uses positioning technology to give him maps, information on hotels and mobile coupons on his Samsung Galaxy. Sadly, the best hotel offer is a GroupOn deal on a stable.

Meanwhile, Three Kings follow the couple’s progress on @Yonderstar, while shopping online for gifts. But what can you get the Son of God? Gold costs a fortune to post, so @OneWiseMan is looking at Proporta’s range of light, tough, but attractive shells and cases for the Blackberry curve.

@WizemanII wants to get a stimulating present, so he’s about to order an iBall3 (this year’s top Xmas gadget) from one of the online shops created by Moonfruit and Actinic.

@thirdwizeman meanwhile, is dictating ideas into his iPhone as he rides along. Later, he’ll play back the sound file on his iPad 4, and Nuance’s Dragon Dictation Application will convert the words into text.

With Joseph increasingly desperate to find a room he’s racking

up the roaming charges. He should have got one of those Pocket wi-fi gadgets from Tep, that drastically cut our downloading costs. Mary has got a cheap roaming deal from Tru for her Blackberry, but it’s not the right time to ask her to get her apps out for daddy.

Finally, an inn keeper offers them a stable on GoTradeLive.com.

There’s no telly, but they use one of those Cables to Go adapters, that extends the signal from the Humax Freeview HD TV receiver to a screen in the barn. They’ll switch it off with Joseph’s URC 6420 Remote Controller when the Wisemen show up. They’d better have good presents. Nothing inappropriate Lovehoney.com

You can follow the Twitter Nativity on #NoRoomAtTheInn

Nick Booth is the editor of www.mobbed-online.com and www.mobileb2b.co.uk.