Freeview might be a slightly spurious inclusion, but YouView has to convince people they need to shell out a pretty big sum to upgrade their current set-top box. Lots will stick with what they already have.

Google TV
Google TV has been something of a disaster in its native US, with the major networks failing to back it. But a partnership with Sony will see the firm launch a UK set-top box later this month – it could be the one to beat.

Microsoft (Xbox) and Sony (PlayStation) have already worked out that the future of their consoles is to become an entertainment hub. They offer access to streaming services like Netflix – and a new generation is on the horizon.

Pay-TV vendors
Virgin and Sky in the UK are big rivals to YouView. If you already pay over £50 a month for your entertainment hub, you’re unlikely to splash out any more. It could, however, give BT’s Vision service a boost.