Yeo steps down amid lobbying allegations

CONSERVATIVE MP Tim Yeo last night announced he would step aside as chairman of the energy and climate change select committee after being caught up in a Westminster lobbying sting.

Yeo said he would temporarily leave the committee while the parliamentary standards commissioner probes accusations that he sought to use his position for personal gain.

The politician referred himself to the commissioner after Sunday Times reporters allegedly recorded him saying he had coached the boss of haulage firm GB Railfreight before an appearance in front of the environment select committee.

Yeo, who denies all wrongdoing, is a paid director of GB Railfreight’s parent company.

The former environment minister has been criticised in the past for holding positions at several green energy firms while also receiving £14,728 extra pay a year for chairing the environment committee.

Fellow Tory MP Patrick Mercer last month resigned the party whip after failing to declare payments from fake lobbyists.