This year buy tech gifts that will last

Steve Dinneen
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Attacknid combat robot


This beast is sure to get more attention on Christmas morning than any other gift. With eight moving legs and an independently operated, foam disc-firing turret, it is as close to Robot Wars as most people are ever going to get. Realistically, it will probably end up in a cupboard by March, but for a short burst, this is a fantastic present.

Bowers & Wilkins A7 speaker system


There is a reason Bowers & Wilkins has become the go-to audio manufacturer. The A7 is one of its top of the range products, with immaculate sound and booming bass. Its AirPlay system allows you to wirelessly connect the system to your laptop, iPhone or iPad making it the ideal party jukebox.

iPad mini


What more can you say about the company that attracts more hyperbole than any other? The iPad Mini is a thing of beauty: light, impossibly thin and featuring a screen that seems far bigger than its 7.9 inches. If the special person in your life has been gazing lovingly through the window of the Apple Store, this is sure to make their day.

Amazon Kindle Fire HD


This 7 inch colour e-reader is a great gift for any Amazon junkies out there. After syncing with your account, the device will, as if by magic, begin to recommend books tailored to your tastes. If the iPad seems like a little too much of an extravagance, the Kindle Fire HD is a very worthy compromise – and at almost half the price.

Nintendo Wii U (Premium Package)


The first of the big three console-makers to launch their next generation machine, the Wii U is everything you would expect from Nintendo: strange, family-friendly and great fun. It may take a few months for developers to fully grasp the potential of the hardware but this is one gift that will still be in use long after Christmas.



Whether you’re a live TV or internet-only viewer, YouView condenses everything into one handy box, allowing you to watch catch-up TV, browse iPlayer and rent movies from one easy to use platform. A great gift for any gadget-obsessed members of your family.

*Some BT customers are eligible for a free YouView box depending on your subscription options. For more information visit

Ferrari Enzo Bluetooth car


The Ferrari Enzo isn’t like any other model. The 1:16 scale car comes with iConnect technology, enabling you to control it easily from your iPhone. The car itself comes equipped with a host of unique features like working hazard lights, sound effects and full functional suspension. The perfect gift for car fans.

Apple TV


Any Apple fan would be happy to find Apple TV under the tree. The slick box connects to your TV via HDMI allowing you to watch films through Netflix and access YouTube, Vimeo and iTunes. Fans will appreciate its ability to play content from your other Apple devices too.

Samsung Galaxy Camera

Prices start from £394.99

While it’s on the pricey side, the Samsung Galaxy camera is the perfect model for budding photographers. The 16 mega pixel 21x optical zoom lens produces quality photos and is easier to use than an SLR. Its built in 3G and wifi allows you to send images instantly to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Plantronics GameCom 780


Off the back of its hugely successful 777 model, Plantronics has created GameCom 780, the perfect gift for gamers. The new headset transforms standard audio into a 7.1 surround sound experience to allow you to feel full immersed in the game.