World cup win would lift the UK economy

A World Cup win for England could spark a spending spree and lift the country out of the downturn, according to a latest survey by PWC.

Unsurprisingly, 25 per cent of men said a victory in South Africa would give the economy a boost but only 13 per cent of women agreed, out of 2000 people polled.

Consumer spending in pubs, bars and shops is likely to increase if England can go onto glory this summer.

Julie Clark, UK head of sport, at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, said: “Winning a global sporting tournament such as the football World Cup has a significant impact on domestic consumer discretionary spend and therefore GDP.

“Whilst we are technically out of recession, such a boost in national morale and international brand perception would aide recovery.”

The PwC survey indicated that nearly 15 per cent of consumers intend to buy more if England win the World Cup in South Africa.

Even an England appearance in the latter stages of the tournament would send hoards to people to the pub or the supermarket in order to watch at home with provisions, the survey added.