SO FAR, the 2010 World Cup has been full of shocks and surprises. From England’s draw with the USA and Algeria to Germany and Spain’s defeats at the hands of Serbia and Switzerland, it has been difficult for traders to predict the outcome of some of these matches.

But favourites Spain will be looking to redress the balance with their match this evening against Honduras. They have a strong side and should be able to break down a Honduras team that only managed to draw 0-0 with Azerbaijan a few weeks ago. In contrast, Spain had beaten both Austria and Poland by five goals in the run-up to the tournament. Consequently, buying a Spain supremacy market (the margin of victory) could well be a good bet. Sporting Index is offering Spain supremacy at 2.1 whereas extrabet traders are more optimistic about Spain’s chances, offering 2.5.

The match between Portugal and North Korea is also shaping up to be an interesting one. After their disappointing draw against Ivory Coast and with a final group game against Brazil, Portugal badly need three points to see them progress. Total goals for the match can be bought at 2.5 with Sporting Index. However, don’t rule out North Korea scoring at least one goal against this sometimes weak Portuguese defence. Extrabet is offering a market on the time of the first North Korean goal and selling 71 minutes could be worth it if you think striker Jong Tae Se has a chance of slipping one past an inexperienced Eduardo.

Looking ahead to tomorrow’s matches, the face-off between Uruguay and Mexico should be a tight game – both teams know that a draw will be enough to qualify for the knock-out stages.

While we are expecting a tight and tetchy first half from both teams, we should still get some balls in the back of the net. Look to buy the time of the first goal – extrabet is quoting 42 minutes.

Many of the matches so far this tournament have been tight but we have seen some early goals – notably Steven Gerrard’s England opener. Selling the time of the fastest goal would have been profitable in all of the last three World Cups and with players shaking off first match nerves, we could see some very early goals. Look to sell this market; extrabet offers a sell at 107 seconds.