Wired for sound

Steve Dinneen
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It might cost you as much as a sports car but you will never have to leave the house again

THERE is more to cutting edge technology than brushed aluminium and glass. These wood and leather finished devices are the last word in ultra-clear, achingly cool home audio. The Continuum Caliburn (below right) is quite possibly the best record player in the world. The record floats on a magnetic cushion and it comes with its own computer to ensure the motor always runs at exactly the right speed.

A relative snip at just £1,600, Bang & Olufsen offers the stunning BeoPlay A9 wireless stereo system (right), which will connect to your laptop or phone, giving you access to your entire music library. The buttonless interface doesn’t even have a volume switch – simply swipe your hand along the top of the device.

And when the noise gets too much for the neighbours, plug in a pair of chrome and leather headphones from the master craftsmen at Ultrasone.