Winklevosses in $11m Bitcoin investment

Michael Bow
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THE WINKLEVOSS twins, the identical brothers who sued Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and were immortalised in Hollywood hit the Social Network, returned to the limelight yesterday by claiming to own one per cent of all Bitcoin.

Bitcoin, a form of invisible currency that was set up by programmers in 2009, are traded on an exchange like real currency.

Yesterday the experimental currency – which had its exchange suspended yesterday after a highly volatile market over the past year – was given its first formal recognition by established investors after the Winklevoss twins revealed they were investing in the currency and held about $11m worth.

“People really don’t want to take it seriously. At some point that narrative will shift to ‘virtual currencies are here to stay.’ We’re in the early days,” Cameron Winklevoss told the New York Times yesterday.

The Winklevoss twins originally claimed to have created the idea for the popular social network interface Facebook.